How AMP Works

How you can amplify your practice in three simple steps.

More revenue and patients is easy with AMP…

Want to amplify your practice? These three easy steps lead you to more patients, and more profits. Get started now.

Become a Medical Professional

You’ll need to be a medical professional. Registration is easy, and unlocks a slew of benefits including medical professional pricing, access to exclusive sales, and membership in our private Facebook group.

Get the AMP Marketing Kit

The cornerstone of the AMP program is our comprehensive marketing kit. It includes everything you need to retail RockTape products at your office, including brochures, posters, recommendation pads and more.

Get Your Product Bundle

You’ll need RockTape products to sell, and luckily we’ve put together the perfect package. RockSauce, RockSauce Chill, and specifically selected tape colors that you patients will love. Earn $300 of profit when you sell through a bundle.

Amplify your practice today!

RockTape’s AMP program can transform your practice instantly. More revenue, more patients. Get started today.

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