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What is RockTape AMP?

RockTape’s AMP program provides medical professionals with a lucrative revenue stream while simultaneously expanding your practice’s service offerings and patient base.

We do this by enabling turnkey retailing of RockTape products with excellent margins while exposing your practice to new patients with our online locator.

How much can I earn?

Each product bundle sold represents $265 of profit per bundle. Selling 1 per month can earn a medical professional an additional $3,000+ in yearly profit. Best of all, there’s no limit to the amount you can earn.

How do I get started?

You can click right here to read our guide or jump to our online store. Remember, you must have an approved medical account with us to be eligible.

Become a medical professional here.

What is the AMP Marketing Kit?

AMP Medical Retailing Marketing Kit includes everything you need to effectively retail RockTape products at your office. It includes brochure cards, recommendation pads, posters, pens, coffee cups, and 50-pack samples of RockSauce and RockSauce Chill. You can view the full details of the marketing kit here.

What is the AMP Product Bundle?

The AMP Product Bundle is a self-contained set of carefully selected retail products to sell. It’s offered at better margins than a standard medical discount, and each bundle sold through at your practice is $265 of profit. Learn more about the AMP Product Bundle here.

Do I need to be a chiropractor or physical therapist?

Nope! You just need to qualify for medical pricing. That includes professionals like licensed massage therapists and athletic trainers. View the full details of our medical pricing program here.

How do I reorder marketing supplies?

Currently, we’ve made available sample packs of RockSauce and RockSauce Chill available for re-order. Shortly after launch of the program, we will offer additional supplies for separate re-order (such as brochures and recommendation pads).

We will notify AMP program members when products are available for individual reorder.

When do I receive my posters?

Due to printing and shipping constraints, posters ship separately from the AMP Marketing Kit. You should receive your posters within two weeks of your AMP order.

Didn’t receive your poster? Make sure you contact us.

Retailing Webinars

RockTape & Web Exercises have partnered up to offer webinars designed to inform medical professionals. View previous recordings or register for a webinar below.

Join our private Facebook group when you become a part of the RockTape AMP program. Share tips and techniques on how to treat patients, run your practice, and get direct feedback from RockTape Instructors. Membership is verified before being accepted.

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