The Benefits

Learn how AMP can instantly transform your business. 

Earn more money

A lucrative new revenue stream.

AMP unlocks a valuable new revenue stream for your practice. Our turnkey retailing program lets you earn thousands of dollars per year in additional revenue, with no limit to how much you can earn.

More patients & visibility

More online exposure for your office.

Grow your practice with more online exposure through RockTape’s online locator. Visited by thousands of potential new clients every month, your office will be featured with a unique marker and badge for extra visibility. You’ll also jump to the top of search results.

Products you trust

The same products you use yourself.

There are no tricks, scams or complicated pitches. You’re already using RockTape & RockSauce in your treatment rooms. Now, give your patients the ability to take home the same great products you trust.

How much can you earn?

Click on a goal below to see how many AMP Product Bundles you’ll need to sell.

Dinner out every week

Sell through 1 AMP product bundle every 3 months.

A set of RockBlades

Sell through 2 AMP product bundles every year.

A yearly family vacation

Sell through 1 AMP product bundle every month.

A new $30,000 car

Sell through 9 AMP product bundles every month.

Payoff the US national debt

Sell through 67,924,528,301 AMP product bundles.

Amplify your practice today!

RockTape’s AMP program can transform your practice instantly. More revenue, more patients. Get started today.

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