Massage therapy can be a very rewarding career. It provides you with the education and clinical skills to serve others in a wide variety of settings while also offering the opportunity to build a successful business. However, many therapists struggle with the business side of their practice. When your income relies solely on table hours, you not only risk physical burnout but you stunt your own financial growth.

Massage can be very lucrative if you learn how to merge your zeal for delivering superior service to your clients with the business sense of maximizing your income streams. As we evolve as a community of health care providers, it’s important to make sure our business practices are keeping up with our professional growth by exploring other income options that compliment the services we provide. Educating and empowering your clients to engage in guided self care outside of your clinic is literally the first step in improving your fiscal fitness as an entrepreneur and your clients’ well-being.


Taping, Topicals, and Extended Client Care


The ability to extend your clients’ care long after they leave your clinic is imperative if you want to grow financially. That care can be movement practices such as functional screening, gait analysis, corrective exercise prescription, kinesiology taping, etc.. Furthering your education in hands on techniques is great (and necessary) but, it still keeps you locked in to hours on the table treating clients and provides only one avenue for income.

Pursuing client care that is clinically relevant, versatile, easy to administer, and adds additional revenue even outside of your office, is smart business.

If you aren’t already using kinesiology tape in your clinic, I highly recommend that you put it at the top of your “professional growth to-do list.” Kinesiology taping has more than three decades of history behind its medical-based research and development in treating a wide range of things: fluid management, injuries, movement and postural re-education, and pain relief, neuro-stimulation, etc.. Of all the tools in my clinic, I reach for tape the most frequently.

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Stacey Thomas, LMT, SFMA, FMS, NKT CF-L2 has been dedicated to human movement and athletic performance since 1997, and licensed as a Sports Massage Therapist since 2005. Thomas has been a RockTape instructor for over six years.