Here in the Pacific Northwest, the fall season is well upon us and temperatures are starting to cool. This, of course, is no reason to be kept indoors or worse – inactive. Any seasoned outdoorsman will tell you that a change in weather is simply another motivator to chase new adventures. After all, a muddy trail is the best place to witness all the color and splendor fall has to offer. Here is a checklist of gear not to be left behind when venturing out on a leaf-laden path.

1. RockTape Edge – Kinesiology Tape

Know your body and the support it needs on your trek. For those on the trail with joints and muscles that need extra bolstering, this tape sure does the trick. Empower yourself by applying and carrying this tape in your first aid kit. With a multitude of applications, this water and sweat resistant and super stretchy support system is a must.


2. Sofsole Athlete Insoles – Lightweight Support

The Sof Sole® Athlete Insole offers arch support and pain relief for sore feet.All journeys start with a single step. From the first strides down the path from the trailhead it is vital to know your journey will be comfortable. Outfitting shoes with a good insole will provide love and support your feet will thank you for later.


3. RockSauce Fire – Topical Relief

Here’s the thing. Obstacles keep life interesting. Combined with RockTape, this powerful topical cream is magic for soreness. The roll-on bottle makes applying a breeze and it can even be applied right over RockTape – it soaks right through. Keep on climbing!


4. Little Hotties Warmer Kit – Overnighte

Stay warm all the way to the summit. No need to tough it out with these modern amenities. The warmers are safe and natural and supply the perfect level of serene heat to hands, feet and even come with adhesive backing to target any area in need.


5. YakTrax Pro – Performance Traction Device

Yaktrax-Walk-Ice-Snow-Traction-DeviceIf encountering ice is anywhere on your agenda, make certain to have a pair of these in your pack. Constructed in such a way to fit any shoe means no need to worry which pair of boots is on hand. Bonus, they are great off the trail for navigating an icy driveway or sidewalk with grace and without fear.


6. FuelBelt Ultralight Belt – Hydration Pack

The beauty of hiking is in its simplicity. Carrying water and snacks can be such a task on the trail but is necessary. This sleek, lightweight belt packs just enough without becoming cumbersome. The two click-lock bottles are easy to access, and the belt is equipped with a micro storage pocket for just the right snack or a phone.


7. Perfect Fitness Cooling Neck Gaiter – Versatile Accessory

The best sunscreen is clothing, hands down. This amazingly versatile accessory can be worn more than 12 unique ways. Utilize it to cover and protect your head and neck from the elements all day. The moisture-wicking material is reusable and easy to clean. A must wear for any trailblazer.


8. Harbinger 3/8” Antimicrobial DuraFoam Mat – High Quality Stretch Surface

After a long day of gallivanting in nature, one should spend some well-earned time in repose. Stretching, after all, is central to healthy muscles and vital to increasing endurance. The 3/8” thick surface has superb density for full body comfort and the 2 integrated straps make for easy storage. This mat will ready everyone for another day of exploration.

9. DryGuy Dry Rack – Silent Boot & Glove Dryer

Who wants to step into cold, wet boots? No one. This amazingly quiet radiant heating system accommodates four boots, shoes or gloves in any combination. It can also be attached to a wall to save space. Warm gear will, no question, put some added pep in your step.




Austin Swick is creative professional with an intuitive eye for material, form and space. When he is not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find him creating art and medical content.