There are few things as beautiful as the first snowfall of the season. The change in landscape is as dramatic as it is inviting. From snowshoeing to skiing and snowboarding, snow marks the transition into a new set of outdoor sports and activities – ample fun to be had. As well, colder temperatures add a few new variables to the adventurer’s playbook. Let’s take some time to outfit ourselves and our loved ones to prepare for the utmost satisfying treks into the snow-covered highlands.  

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RockTape – Extra Sticky

As adventure-seekers we are thankful for new challenges through every season. Our muscles, however, sometimes need some quality motivation. Queue kinesiology tape! This extra sticky stuff doesn’t quit–and neither will you. The tape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Magic that gets you back on your skis, snowboard, snowshoes or the couch next to the fire. $22.00

Balega Socks – Enduro Crew

One of the comfiest technological advancements of our day…is the fit of socks! The engineering packed into these builds in targeted cushioning, moisture wicking fibers and contour-hugging structure. These features keep feet happy and warm through any day’s challenges. Give them a good home in your boots this winter. $15.00

DryGuy – Boot Gloves and Force Dry DX Boot & Glove Dryers

It may be colder outside, but inside your gloves and boots will be nice and toasty. Engineered and tested in Alaska, these neoprene ski boot liners reduce wind chill dramatically, keeping your toes an average of 20°F/7°C warmer. Happy toes make for more time on the mountain! $29.95 This convenient forced air dryer will not only dry your mittens and footwear, it also helps to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odor and deteriorate your garments over time. That’s a gift to everyone. Lastly, an insider tip: heating ski boots makes them more flexible and a thousand times easier to put on! $79.95


YakTrax – SkiTrax

Love skiing, but hate the flat-footed trudge to the gondola? May your prayers be answered! SkiTrax fit easily on all alpine ski boots and promotes a natural walking motion all the while improving your traction and safety on snow and ice. Step up your winter game! $20.00

RockTape – Rockband Flex

New tradition: stretching around the campfire! After all, improving flexibility and mobility through stretching is the not-so-secret weapon of self-care. This packable and washable strap system has incrementally spaced loops to advance and gauge your stretches. The proprietary cotton-nylon blend is latex free which makes it hair and skin friendly. Get your winter flex on! $20.00

TriggerPoint – AcruCurve Cane

Active folks understand the importance of restorative routines. Adding self-massage to your post-exercise reward system (along with a choice beverage) is a win-win. The super rigid design and ergonomic shape of this massage tool make it easy-to-use and ideal for relieving any and all post-adventure tension or soreness. $19.99

Spenco – Total Support Original Insoles

Everything in our bodies is connected. Because of this, proper support of our feet can ward off all sorts of body and movement dysfunctions. These high-tech insoles promote healthy biomechanics, absorb shock in all the right places and provide cushion for your muscles and your wallet. Enjoy your winter-roving even more from atop these performance inserts. $39.99    

Austin Swick is creative professional with an intuitive eye for material, form and space. When he is not enjoying the great outdoors, you can find him creating art and medical content.