Coaches are special people. They are mentors, teachers, friends, and in many cases extensions of our own family. We trust them to guide us in our athletic and life pursuits, and they are there for us in victory, but most importantly, in defeat. So here’s to our personal trainers, ATCs, and coaches! Let’s thank them, honor them, and show them that all the effort, on and off the field, is appreciated this holiday season. From gifts that say “Thank you,” and “I’m grateful for your all your hard work and motivation” to “Marry me,” show special coach in your life just how much you appreciate them this holiday season! This curated list covers an array of gift ideas at varying price ranges, so you can easily choose that perfect gift for your coach. *The clock is ticking for pre-Christmas deliveries… Make sure you get your toys on time by taking advantage of Amazon shipping for RockTape, SKLZ & TriggerPoint goodies*

A Small Gift that goes a long way: The GRID Ball from TriggerPoint – $20

The GRID Ball is a small, self massage tool, that is a perfect gift for coach that doesn’t break the bank. At $20, it tells coach that you care about keeping him fit, healthy, and on the field, doing what he does best. Bigger and softer than a traditional lacrosse ball, the GRID Ball is perfect for self care, and loosening up tight, painful areas from all that time spent on the sideline. The GRID Ball also makes a great stocking stuffer, and is a practical gift that is sure to get a lot of use throughout the year.

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RockTape Extra Sticky – PreCut – $22


Rub some dirt on it, slap some tape on it, and go stronger longer! From movement correction to joint stabilization, coaches and ATCs are the first line of defense in their clients’ and teammates’ performance enhancement. Beef up their tool arsenal with the stickiest kinesiology tape in the world! RockTape is an everyday staple for kids suffering from Osgood Schlatter’s, and a go-to rehabilitation aid for recovering athletes. Pre-Cut, now with the stickiest H2O adhesive is an option for quick and easy application that will hold up to the harshest conditions. No need for scissors, each of these rolls come with twenty 10″ pre-cut strips.

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Up the ante on a massage ball…

The MB Vibe from TriggerPoint is a big step up. $79

Really want to wow coach with a special gift and really like the massage ball idea? Then the MB Vibe from Trigger Point will fit the bill perfectly. At $79, the MB Vibe is a portable, rechargeable vibrating massage ball that has 3 speeds of powerful vibration to help reduce pain, and facilitate recovery. It uses the same concept as the GRID Ball, but with a silicone wrapping, and a powerful internal motor, the MB Vibe is a big step up in both pain relief and mobility work. Maybe that special coach in your life is a relative, or just someone really awesome that you want to show just how much you appreciate all the hard work and effort. The MB Vibe is a great gift idea!

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For the busy coach / fitness buff – The SKLZ Functional Training System. From $4.99 – $88.95

Coaches are busy people. Most of the time, being a coach means traveling with your team, and spending lots of time away from home. As such, coaches can easily fall victim to not prioritizing their own health and fitness, for the betterment of the athletes they coach. So for that coach who is always on the go, and sometimes doesn’t have time to get to the gym, the SKLZ Functional Training System is a mix and match series of interchangeable bands, handles, anchors, and accessories that can turn any hotel room into a functional fitness gym. Lightweight, portable, versatile, the SKLZ system of products are a great gift that coach can expand on to create a perfect gym on the go. I recommend starting with light, medium, and heavy training cables, with the universal, interchangeable handles and cuffs. From there, you can add the SKLZ Chop Bar, and the result is the ability to grab a quick workout, wherever the team may take you. Depending on the accessories you choose, you can customize an interchangeable, expandable system from anywhere from $50-$100 depending on which bands and accessories you choose.

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“Coach” can mean many things… For that special coach in your life who is a healthcare provider, how about the gift of education?

This is for that Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist, give them the gift of furthering their knowledge with a course from RockTape! All health providers are required to do Continued Education on a yearly basis to maintain their license… RockTape has specialized in educating over 50,000 healthcare providers worldwide, and is an industry leader in quality education! With a host of different courses to choose from, taught all over the country by industry leading experts, there is sure to be a time and location that will work for that special coach. This gift is practical, as these courses meet the education requirements for licensing, and can help further your coaches skillset, experience, and ultimately their career! Courses range from 1 to 2 days, and vary slightly in price…But expect to pay around $250 per day, which by education standards, is an absolute bargain…similar quality coursework can go for thousands just for a weekend! May sound like a lot, but remember…education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. I can do you one better, and give a little gift for you… use my discount code, STELLA20 at checkout, and receive 20% off the registration cost of the course!

Get more information about industry leading education from RockTape here.




Really want to blow away the coach in your life that is also an athlete themselves? Then look at giving the gift of recovery with a Normatec Pulse 2.0 by Normatec.


This is the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says “marry me, coach” or “you’re my favorite ATC in the world” quite like the Normatec Pulse 2.0.

Now that there is no denying that this is the the biggest gift on the list, as a Normatec Recovery System can run north of $1,000. Hang on though…I’ve got some discounts for you on this too that would make it the cheapest possible way to get an elite, professional grade recovery system, just stay with me for a minute…

The Normatec Pulse 2.0 is a compact, portable, fully integrated intermittent compression unit designed to enhance recovery for athletes who work hard. Let’s face it, great coaches, many times, are also usually great athletes and competitors themselves! Wouldn’t be amazing to help them recover, and get the most out of their own training? After all, they are always there to get the most out of us! The Normatec Pulse 2.0 comes with the unit, and usually the leg boots, but you can add hips, arms, or get the entire body system if you wish! Maybe we’re talking about a pitching coach who still slings it…then the arm sleeves are the way to go. Soccer? Then duh, the leg boots! What about your crazy, intense strength coach, yeah, he’s might need the full package! Remember, a starter system can always be expanded, and with world class quality and customer service, our friends over at Normatec have all the answers, and can help customize the perfect system for you and your coach. Remember, this is a high quality gift that will last for years, and for sure will get a lot of use… I bet coach would even be willing to let you use it as a thank you 😉.

Right now, you can get a flagship Pulse 2.0 Unit for the LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE! They are knocking off $100-$200 (depending on the unit) right off the bat for their holiday sale, and you can use my special discount code, UNDERGROUNDHOLIDAY, for an additional $50 off! That’s right, anywhere from $150-$250 in total savings makes this the BEST time to get into a Normatec… Hell, may even be time for you to treat yourself 😉. For more information, and to purchase, head over to



There you have it, I think this covers all grounds from small, simple, inexpensive ways to say “Thanks,” all the way up to a modern day Holiday Miracle! Anything on this list will surely be warmly received, and show just how much you care! For more great gift ideas, check out and for varying gifts in life and sport!

From my training facility to yours, Happy Holidays!



My name is Mike Stella. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and Performance Enhancement Coach. More importantly, I consider myself an EDUCATOR. I have spent nearly half of my life studying, treating, & reconditioning athletes to return to competition. I love it because I was one of those athletes.