Forget turtledoves and French hens…

Corepower memberships, Manduka mats, BY apparel, mobility tools, blocks, RockTape, sports massages and towels are just a few of every yogi’s true loves… So treat your favorite yogini to a few (or a lot) of our favorite things this season, and they’ll feel the love all year long!


1. Beyond Yoga Apparel

Starting at $33

Beyond Yoga is a luxury athleisure brand designed to seamlessly transition from studio-to-street. Beyond Yoga’s body positive silhouettes are made for all shapes and sizes because confidence is not a size, but a state of mind. BY produces a range of sizes from XXS to XXL, only using non-retouched photography to promote real women’s bodies. Each item is meticulously designed and tested to ensure that you don’t just look good in it, you feel good in it.

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2. Manduka Yoga Mat

Starting at $34

This yoga mat has been referred to as the Taj Mahal of yoga mats. It comes in multiple colors and patterns and has just the right about of padding for yoga and cross-training to keep your yogi on his/her toes/head the longest! In addition to providing support to yogis, Manduka donates 1% of it’s global sales to organizations who believe in empowering people to improve our communities worldwide.You really can’t get much better than that! The absorbent design is ideal for hot yoga, Bikram, Pilates, or any other sweaty exercises. Feel supported and stable all throughout your workout.

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3. Corepower Yoga Gym Membership

Starting at $89

Cheers to another year filled with zen bliss and fitness! Corepower yoga is the Starbucks of yoga studios. Tall, grande or venti-level yogis all welcome; these babies are popping up everywhere, most of them have showers and membership covers EVERY SINGLE STUDIO, nationwide. If your favorite yogi travels for work, this membership is the gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR ROUND! Get a bundle of classes, or an unlimited membership – pricing varies.

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4. Yoga Block

Starting from $20

The sometimes physically demanding poses seen in yoga can be daunting to a novice. Thankfully, there are quite a few tools that can make your yoga practice a lot easier. A yoga block is a nice little helper that you can use to facilitate many yoga poses, especially the ones that involve standing stretches. A yoga block is basically a brick-shaped “thing” made of cork, wood or hard-foam.

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5. TriggerPoint Performance Kit


One-up the yoga block by throwing in some massage and mobility tools from TriggerPoint – in a whole performance kit, an all-encompassing self massage kit designed for athletes to improve flexibility, range of motion and tissue strength while addressing muscle tightness. The TriggerPoint Performance Collection is perfect for a yogi’s warmup or cool-down routine, or for any athlete that wants to increase mobility to achieve optimal performance. Step by step instructions guide you through easy-to-follow self-massage techniques on twelve areas of the body, focusing on key areas that commonly cause performance limitation in athletes. Digital instructions via video and guidebook format allow you to manage your own therapeutic self-care at home, at the gym, or on the road.

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6. RockTape

Starting at $20

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and joint issues.* RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

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7. Sports Massage

$50 – $180

Any sore yogi would love to get taped, a massage or be adjusted by a chiropractor. But with yoga memberships potentially costing well over $100/month, paying for these services are out of reach for many. Pamper them with a massage or an adjustment and they will be eternally grateful to you for helping them heal their sore muscles and getting them back in tip top shape to tackle difficult poses. Rock on. We’ll help you locate a doc nearby.

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8. Yogitoes Yoga Towel

Starting at $40

Forgot your yoga mat or just don’t feel like carrying one? Yoga towel. If your yogi sweats, they likely use a towel per practice – at least. Stay hygienic and healthy by laying this down when you use community mats, or lighten your carrying load by ditching the mat all together!

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9. Something That Vibrates… from TriggerPoint

Starting at $79

Nothing soothes fatigued muscles like vibrating mobility tools. Meet the TriggerPoint vibration line (which is great for sharing)! All of these products are portable, cordless and rechargeable. Pick between three specific designs, or catch them all! The Charge Vibe is squishy and contoured for necks, the MB Vibe Massage Ball is small for pinpoint accuracy and tough knots, and the large GRID Vibe Plus is ideal for sore legs and backs… This TriggerPoint line can catch ’em all.

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10. Hydro Flask – 24 oz.


From mountain trailheads to morning yoga practice, a classic Hydro Flask makes it easy to stay hydrated before or after invigorating activity. Use it on and off the mat with hot or cold bevvies! Hydro Flask’s largest Standard Mouth available is designed with professional-grade stainless steel and double wall insulation to keep your water refreshingly ice cold, or nice and warm for up to 24 hours. Plus, it resists condensation, so your flask will stay dry even during big swings in the outside air temperature.

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11. Mobility & Stretching Straps – RockBand Flex


Forget latex, rubber and metal buckles. This mobility band is designed to give you extra length and support during deep stretches and binds, in-studio or during your home practice. Available in three resistances, RockBand Flex unlocks a universe of movement improvement and is designed to be washable, portable and infinitely reusable. Made from a proprietary cotton-nylon blend, with 6-inch loops spaced equally on each half of the band, Flex allows you to use one tool to rehabilitate injuries, improve mobility and increase strength.

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12. RockRub Massage & Skin Repair Balm


Ask a yogi about their transition from downward-facing to upward-facing dog… or about how we often forget to moisturize our feet before practice… From blisters, to calluses, the convenient little jar is a yogi’s go-to. This combination massage emollient and moisturizing skin repair balm is all natural—made with beeswax, vitamin E, and canola.

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