Join Dr. Meghan Helwig Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), aka @primalstrengthdoc, for a quick pre-workout routine to rev up your system, using a few novel ball mobilization techniques to wake up the foot. Dr. Helwig shows us an easy-to-follow approach of where to roll, when to roll and why to roll to prep those important supporting tissues before a run, walk or at home workout! She recommends smooth or spiky RockBalls or the TriggerPoint MB Vibe to do the job.

#WhatWeCanDo RIGHT NOW is focus on how, as leaders in medical and fitness can best support ourselves, our families and our digital communities during this time of interruption in our normal rhythms. Dr. Helwig will be taking over the @rocktape Instagram Saturday, March 21 (10 am PST) to answer questions, hang out with y’all and talk strategy! Put this IG Live on your calendar and come chat with a pro!

Dr. Helwig is based in San Diego, California, and practices out of Offshore CrossFit in Carlsbad. She specializes in improving the mechanics and movement capacity of athletes of all kinds and loves to throw around an Olympic bar competing as a cross-training athlete in her spare time.