Dr. Jessica Hill is a Physical Therapist and RockTape USA instructor. If left to her own devices during the cold season, you will likely find her on the side of the trail cutting fresh tracks on her telemark skis. During the warm season, you will likely find her on her road or mountain bikes with bugs in her teeth from smiling while riding. Presently, you will find her in captivity in NYC, treating her patients virtually and preparing to teach a live, virtual RockTape course this weekend from her living room.

Dr. Hill is focusing on #WhatWeCanDo and using unexpected time off to find ways to help others, make her brain bigger, get back to healthier eating / sleeping patterns, and get fitter. Get creative and work around this new normal with some “actual” equipment and some “repurposed” finds. Here’s what happens…



Dr. Hill demos some shoulder stabilizer complex movements with rows and pulls made with RockBand Flex and a banded anchor. Pull-downs, rows, and lower trap exercises can all be done facing the anchor; if you flip around and face AWAY from the anchor, chest / shoulder presses and even shoulder / elbow flexions become accessible exercises.


Not only does she show what you can do inside her apartment, Doc Hill takes advantage of the 54 flights of stairs (yes, you read that right) in her building. Come follow along with this RockTape instructor as she welcomes us to CRIBS: Home Gym Edition! More at JesHillPT.com.



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