Stu Wilson, MS, PT is a master RockTape Instructor and physical therapist. Here, he provides a well rounded look into working from home strategies, incorporating what your body needs into a new workspace.

Stu’s approach to managing the bio-psych-and social demands of a new working schedule integrates home fitness and mobility equipment in your home work environment. #WhatWeCanDo is focus on improving the movement of our clients and family during our time at home. Quarantined in Denver, Colorado, Stu brings a breath of fresh Rocky Mountain Air and a positive approach to his practice.


Stu Wilson is a teacher, coach, physical therapist, and movement nerd. He loves to help people get back to what they love to do. He strives to be the Yoda, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes of movement and health. He has worked in the Sports Medicine and Orthopedic world for over 20 years helping patients and athletes get back to sports, work, play, and life. He believes everyone can improve and incorporates a full mind, body, spirit philosophy along with BioPsychSocial techniques that treat the whole person. Follow him at @stumanjipt or


Stu is going LIVE on the RockTape Instagram Wednesday 4/1 @ NOON EST… Bring on the Q&A!