What we wished we knew before & after baby…

We can use RockTape for Diastasis Recti, or postpartum recovery or narrow pelvis rehab post-birth – to name a few things, in hindsight.

Did you know that kinesiology tape can aide in posture correction and weight distribution during pregnancy and postpartum recovery? With pregnant patients, our baby belt works wonders for carrying mothers – you can even wear RockTape as belly suspenders, use it to ease swelling in the ankles, and even decompress an aching back. For postpartum, try a simple anterior RockTape application on the abdominals to increase proprioception, core engagement, and postural changes to narrow the “gap” in the abdominal wall and significantly contribute to returning to a more functional posture and diaphragmatic breathing pattern. Taping the back works wonders in itself (also good for food babies… and everyone else, too).



After baby rehabilitation is game-changing for the mood and critical for going #StrongerLonger when it counts the most.

Join RockDoc Julia Mitchell AKA @rockdoc_jules on Instagram LIVE Monday 4/6 @ NOON EST for strategies on getting postpartum moms back to working out after baby!



Julia Mitchell is an ultra-active physiotherapist who thrives on improving the movement of others. She has a soon to be released online course with fellow Canadian physio Liz Frey, on External Pelvic Health Strategies for patients. A new mama herself, Julia is going to take over our instagram between naps, playtime and mama duty to share her valuable expertise on how to help moms on the go!