Ask Dr. Milica McDowell how to optimize your time working from home. From brain breaks to “how-to-tell-coworker-you’re-going-for-a-run,” Milica will help you navigate your new normal. Dr. McDowell has been working from home for RockTape since 2015 and taking over the @RockTape Instagram LIVE on Wednesday April 8 @ NOON EST.


Dr. Milica McDowell is going on @RockTape Instagram LIVE on Wednesday April 8 @ NOON EST.
Bring your work-life balance questions from this WFH pro!


Dr. Milica McDowel, aka @PTladyboss is a physical therapist by training and member of RockTape’s corporate education team. She spends her days working from home putting the best education in the medical & fitness industry in the hands of the best professionals in the medical and fitness industry. In her free time you can find her walking a goldendoodle or making homemade pasta.  She’s been to all 50 states and probably gone for a trail run in most of them.