With new work spaces come new posture dysfunctions! RockTape instructor Dr. Reid Nelles, DC owner/operator of Minnesota Movement offers mobilization and stabilization strategies to counteract shoulder internal rotation and thoracic kyphosis position that comes from sitting at your new workstation – AKA your coffee table or kitchen counter.

According to Dr. Reid, the key to beating the new workplace slouch is by mobilizing, stabilizing and adding motor control using some fun tools from RockTape, TriggerPoint and SKLZ.

Try some internal rotator muscle mobilization techniques with the gift that keeps on giving (the MB Vibe vibrating massage ball), layer in some quick exercises with mobility bands (like the RockBand Flex or SKLZ pro bands), and the game-changing self-application of RockTape for posture cuing.


Questions? Comments? Dr. Nelles will be going LIVE on Rocktape’s IG Friday 4/10 @ NOON EST

Bring your new workspace ergonomic dilemmas to the pro!