Amplify your practice.

Earn more money and grow your patient base with RockTape AMP. 

We want you, our valued medical professionals, to provide the world’s best RockTape retail experience. You have the expertise. Now get the benefits. 

RockTape’s AMP retail program provides medical professionals like you with a lucrative revenue stream while simultaneously expanding your practice’s service offerings and patient base. We do this by enabling turnkey retailing of RockTape products with excellent margins while exposing your practice to new patients with our online locator. Read all the benefits here.


Multiple benefits for your practice and your patients.

Earn More Money

Increase revenue at your practice by retailing products your patients – and you – already love.

Grow Your Practice

Powerful tools and resources (plus marketing magic) to drive new patients through your doors.

Tools for Success

Succeed with exclusive marketing materials, samples, and promotions.

An all-star lineup of products your clients will love.

RockTape Kinesiology Tape

The world’s best kinesiology tape, stretchier and stickier than the competition.


Hot sensations to soothe muscle and joint pain. Best of all, it works with RockTape.

RockSauce Chill

Powerfull, deep-penetrating cold to soothe aches and pains, and it’s stronger than the competition too.

Explore AMP below and amplify your practice.

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