Equine & Canine Kinesiology Tape

Not just for humans. Soothe pain and improve movement with RockTape Equine & Canine.
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RockTape Kinesiology Tape, now for Horses and Dogs

Complete animal performance and rehabilitation solution

RockTape Equine & Canine are kinesiology tapse designed for the unique needs of animals. Our unique tape can be used as either a sole or adjunctive treatment in equine & canine therapy, helping to reduce and control pain, manage swelling and edema, increase joint range of motion and improve muscle function.

RockTape Equine & Canine Kinesiology Tape also helps maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the dog or horse throughout injury rehabilitation.

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RockTape Equine is available exclusively direct from RockTape’s online store.

Meet the RockTape Canine Veterinary series, exclusively through Patterson Veterinary. Available in Black Logo, Black Paw, and Red Paw. Sizes: 2” x 16.4’ (5cm x 5m) • 2” x 105’ (5cm x 32m). Shop now.

Animal Kinesiology Tape can be used for

  • Muscle Strain or Tear
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Post Acupuncture / Body Work
  • Inflammation
  • Prolonging the Effects of Myofacial Release
  • Tendonitis, Tendonopathy or Desmitis
  • Rehabilitation, Management and/or Prevention of Movement Dysfunctions

Our Animal Tape features

  • Stickier, hypoallergenic adhesive that won’t fall off during rehabilitation
  • 180% stretch, to promote full range of motion
  • 97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption
  • Tighter weave, which enables muscle to more easily snap back to neutral
  • Water resistant
  • Wearable for up to 5 days

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