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Dear RockTape, THANK YOU for managing my chronic back pain.

Dear RockTape, THANK YOU for managing my chronic back pain.

I just want to say that I am SOOO glad I discovered RockTape. I am 23 years-old and I suffer from a small central disc protrusion with associated annular tear and central canal and neural foramina on my L5-S1… paired with some mild scoliosis…crazy right? I have been dealing with this issue since was about 14. I have been through a lot of trial and error trying to relieve the pain. From physical therapy twice, acupuncture and cortisone shots… Physical therapy didn’t work for me and acupuncture worked but it wouldn’t last long enough and getting an appointment on a military base (shout to our veterans and military spouses!) is about near impossible. Last year my back pain became SO severe that I couldn’t do any leg related workouts because It would feel like my back was being physically crushed; it really took a toll on my mental state and physical state. Then the best thing ever happened…. I stumbled upon RockTape. As an individual who has been through some serious pain and suffering – to the point of not being able to walk for days at a time, I’m always down to try things that might take even 20% of my pain away. So I bought some.


I first tested RockTape on my five-hour plane ride – plane rides are the worst because I usually can’t even go more than ten minutes without feeling SO uncomfortable with having to adjust my seating position or get up and walk around. I used to directions on how to apply for the lower back, two pieces vertical and one piece horizontal. IT. WAS. INSTANT. RELIEF. It was like a cortisone shot. I felt such relief in my first minutes of having RockTape on that I cried; I was pain free again – all my tightness and tension from my lower back, down to my hamstrings was gone! As for my plane ride? Awesome! I did wiggle around once, but I didn’t have to get up AT ALL and I even fell asleep because I was so comfortable. UGH it was such an awesome plane ride haha.


My next test was trying RockTape in the gym… you bet your butt it was AMAZING!! I was able to do TWENTY box jumps in a row without stopping because my back wasn’t a bother (before I could barely do six in a row without having to stop) I was also able to do my squat cleans and presses without pain (and able to go into a deeper squat). I was feeling so great, I did a banded glue workout (this usually kills my back) and was able to work through it with, you guessed it, no pain! RockTape has forever changed my life. I cannot thank the people RockTape enough for creating such an amazing product that allows sport-loving, weight lifting people like me to be able to do the things we love to do. I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally and you could see the happy tears that roll down my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 2017 was a horrible year and it kicked my butt. I vowed to make 2018 my year and I’m off to amazing start thanks to RockTape!!! STAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Sending so much love your way!!


-Cortney T.
RockTape Introduces Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Patches: Stronger Alternatives for Active Medical Sensor Users

RockTape Introduces Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Patches: Stronger Alternatives for Active Medical Sensor Users

Campbell, CA  – January 11, 2018 – RockTape, the leader in sports medicine products and education, is proud to introduce a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) patch designed to move with the human body. Perfect for active individuals and children, these new patches are made from the same strong, flexible and hypoallergenic fabrics and adhesives as RockTape kinesiology tape. The new RockTape CGM patches are offered in three different styles and come with 15 pre-cut patches per pack, each specially fitted for Dexcom G4 and G5 sensors.

Millions of patients (and over one million diabetics) use wearable sensors each day to improve their quality of life, and securing their devices tends to be an extra hassle. Most medical tapes are irritating, rigid and inflexible, and therefore many CGM wearers prefer RockTape patches to adhere their devices to their skin. RockTape is stretchy, less irritating and stay on longer than other CGM adhesives. The water repellent cotton and nylon fabric features 180% elasticity–mimicking the elasticity of skin–to prevent peeling with human movement. The zinc and latex-free adhesive offers a hypoallergenic alternative to competitive brands, with less likelihood of irritation. Each 4” patch is designed to secure CGMs for as long as seven days, even through daily showers and exercise.


“People have been cutting their own RockTape to secure their CGM devices since we started making tape in 2009,” states Cullen Maroney, Product Manager at RockTape. “We pre-cut three other tape SKUs, so this step was long overdue and a practical move for us.”


RockTape CGM Patches are available direct from RockTape for $25 at or via RockTape CGM Patches began shipping December 22nd.


About RockTape

RockTape is a global leader in sports medicine products and education. Located in Silicon Valley, RockTape helps patients and athletes “go stronger, longer” with the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape, powerful pain-relieving topicals, unique evidence-informed education seminars, mobility tools, and joint support accessories.

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Topical Pain Relievers

Topical Pain Relievers

Topical pain relievers are extremely popular for patients/clients and are a natural adjunct for any practice that deals with musculoskeletal problems. In 2016, external analgesics had sales of $734 million.[i] Patients love topicals because they are effective, easy to use, convenient, safe and affordable.[ii] Patients likely have better adherence when it comes to using topicals than medications, too.[iii] Topicals enhance the pain relieving activity of the care you provide in-office and give patients improved results between visits. Pain patients need to feel better, for longer, and topicals like RockTape’s RockSauce and RockSauce Chill help achieve this.

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