Available now. Just $175.

Tissue issues? Nah.

Enter the Silicone Sleeve.

A tissue-gripping powerhouse.


One of the incredible attachments included in every Mohawk Kit, crafted from surgical grade silicone with a unique finish designed to grip the skin’s surface quickly and easily.

This industry first attachment grips the skin’s surface, creating a shearing effect between the skin and tissue beneath.

This stunningly simple (and patent-pending) innovation allows for novel treatment of nerve glide and neuropathy issues, all while reducing exertion and chance of injury for a practitioner.

The silicone sleeve is exclusively compatible with the RockBlades® Mohawk IASTM system.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Surgical Grade Silicone
  • Finish: Designed for superior tissue grip
  • Compatibility/Fit: Mohawk Stainless Steel Tool

A complete line of powerful soft-tissue tools.

Meet the RockBlades IASTM family. Everything you need to start treating patients, available now.

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