Welcome to the RockTape podcast, where we cover the latest and greatest in sports medicine / rehabilitation products and education. Nerd out about bodywork, adjustments, mobility drills and treatment tools with master RockTape FMT instructor and movement & neurology enthusiast Dr. John Campione, DC as he interviews the bodywork specialists and instructors on Team RockTape.

Episode Two features RockTape instructor Dr. Shante Cofield, DPT AKA the Movement Maestro. How did the Maestro hear about RockTape? Ask Dr.Stop Chasing PainPerry Nickelston, DC. Hear the Movement Maestro talk about scraping & taping and how her experience as a D-1 athlete and CrossFit coach prepared her to preach the fundamentals of movement and functional fitness.


Dr. John Campione, Dr. Shante Cofield, functional fitness, podcast, the movement maestro

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