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Virtually delivering new ancora imparo opportunities the whole month of May.
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What is Ancora Imparo Anyway?

One of our FMT Core Concepts is “Ancora Imparo”. The great Michelangelo was credited for saying the phrase “ancora imparo” which means “still I am learning.” At the age of 87, Michelangelo wrote this inscription on a sketch he was working on at the time. It is always inspiring to see our FMT Instructors in your cities, with classes full of many different types and ages of professionals; dedicated to learning. This ‘stay at home’ time has been uplifting for our team and our dedication as education providers. In a short amount of time and short-staffed, we moved our live education platform to virtual classrooms; and you showed up. You showed up in your living rooms, your apartments, and your empty clinics; and we are simply moved and motivated by your dedication – to learning.
What is the price of these courses?
Who teaches the Webcast?
This education is brought to you by our FMT Instructors!
Will I need supplies?
No supplies will be needed for these Ancora Imparo Courses.
What do I Need to attend a virtual classroom?

When do I need to commit to attending the webcast?
We will need to confirm attendance to the webcast 2 days in advance of the course.

Do you offer CEUs for the webcasts?
These courses have not been pre-approved for CEUs. Please keep receipt of your purchase for proof of attendance. Please consult your state boards to see if this content is applicable for meeting your CEU requirements.

Featured Courses

Shoulder Injuries in Rotational Athletes

Friday, May 4
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Reid Nelles


Running Analysis & Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Friday, May 8
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Jon Mulholland


Shoulder & Knee Secrets

Wednesday, May 13
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Tony Mikla


Runner’s & Cyclist Toolkit

Monday, May 18
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Milica McDowell

MSPT, DPT, With Special Guest: Paul Herberger, CPT

Hip Impingement & Thoracic Spine

Thursday, May 21
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Adam Wolf


Golf Performance

Thursday, May 28
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Meghan Helwig


The FMT Toolbox Series

Tuesday, May 5, Tuesday, May 12, Tuesday, May 19, Tuesday, May 26, Tuesday, June 2
4 PM – 6 PM EST

Steve Capobianco


Foot and Ankle Dysfunction

Monday, May 11
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Courtney Conley


Tweak Taping & Stability/Mobility

Friday, May 15
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Mitch Hauschildt


Putting Motion to Emotions

Wednesday, May 20
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Joe Lavacca


K3 Combat Movement Systems

Wednesday, May 27
2 PM – 6 PM EST

Jimmy Yuan