Competition-grade elbow sleeves to support and warm joints

Our ultra popular Assassins Knee Sleeves have a new little brother!

Protect and support your elbows during jerks, snatches and push presses with Assassins Elbow.

Background photo courtesy of LifeAID & Michael Frazier

Protect your elbows & keep injuries at bay. Assassins Elbow are available now for an unbeatable price of just $50. Every Assassins Elbow comes with a 1-year warranty.

Sold as a Pair

You’ve got two elbows, so Assassins Elbow come as a perfect matched pair!


The side panels of Assassins Elbow have 4-way stretch capabilities to support your entire range of motion.


Strong-yet-flexible double mauser stitching means you’ll get ripped, but your Assassin Elbows won’t!

4mm Support

Assassins Elbow are made with 4mm of durable and comfortable neoprene, making them breathable, yet tough.