Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to apply?
Not at all. If you can apply tape, you can apply RockTape. There are instructions in every box and more than a dozen HD instructional videos can be viewed in our video gallery.
How long will it last?

Standard RockTape can be worn up to 5 days. It can also be worn while swimming or in the shower. However, we suggest RockTape H2O for water sports as it can be worn up to 7 days. 

How much does it cost?
Each roll retails for $20. A roll will last for about 10-20 applications, or about one to two months, depending on frequency and length of applications.
Is RockTape Latex Free?
RockTape is 100% latex free, using a similar adhesive to Band Aid strips. We exhaustively test our tape on a variety of skin types.