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Mountain Bike For Her: Kinesiology Tape 101

Why Using Rehab Tools Help You Expand the Concept of Care

Stick to it. Implementing kinesiology taping in your practice.

Mobility or stability? Using the joint-by-joint approach can help you determine the proper therapeutic objective.

Joint-By- Joint Approach for Chiropractors

Safe Chronic Pain Alternatives

Kinesiology Tape – Why I Use it in my Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Kinesiology Taping in the Chiropractic Clinic

Wrapping Around a Solution


Kinesiology Tape

The Art and Science of Kinesiology Taping, Part 2

The Art and Science of Kinesiology Taping, Part 1

It’s a Wrap: How Kinesio Tape May Bring More Customers to Your Door.

Patient Home Care: How do I Decide What to Prescribe?

Posture Isn’t Everything, But Slouching Sucks!

RockTape and CrossFit: Keeping the Athlete ‘In the Game’

Simple Taping Might be Superior to Complicated Protocols

Are All Kinesiology Tapes The Same?

Using Kinesiology Taping after Manipulation for Superior Outcomes

Kinesiology Tape for Runners

Do We Make Taping More Complicated Than It Needs To Be?

Treating Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Beat Injury and Keep Running Strong: Find Out How Kinesiology Tape Can Help You Reduce Pain and Run with More Power

Kinesiology Tape: The Low Down

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Tape Application to Improve Pistol Shooting Performance in Tactical Athletes

Tools of the Trade: Home Exercise Prescriptions That Make Sense

Thinking Differently About Home Exercise Prescription

Taping the Deep Longitudinal Subsystem for Dynamic Postural Control

Colorful Olympic Tape for Our Patients – TAPING MOVEMENT, NOT MUSCLES

Elastic Therapeutic Tape and the Foot Care Professional

Kinesiology Tape for Postural Control

The Evolution of Kinesiology Tape: More Than Pretty Colours?

Twisted Taping: Spiral Techniques for Three Lower Limb Conditions

Tapes ain’t Tapes

RockTape – Hand Application

RockTape – More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

Kinesio Tape – what is it, what does it do and what’s the evidence?

3 Misconceptions about Kinesiology Taping

Tips for Prevention of Treatment of Injuries for High School Athletes

Elastic Therapeutic Taping for the Lumbar Spine

Shoulder Strategies: Reduce Pain, Improve Function With Proper Taping

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