Running Room LTD., Largest North American Specialty Running Store Chain,  Becomes Rocktape Retailer

UntitledRocktape, the leader in high performance athletic tape for active people everywhere, today announced a retail partnership agreement with Running Room LTD, the largest specialty running retailer in North America.

Running Room is known for its product selection, knowledgeable sales personnel and charitable support. “Running Room and its founder, John Stanton, are legendary icons in the running world and are big supporters of all things related to running,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of Rocktape. “Rocktape and Running Room both have a strong commitment to quality, and that is one of the reasons we’re so excited about partnering with them. Customers will be able to get quality help from the Running Room staff when considering a Rocktape purchase.”

“Rocktape is a great product to help us ensure that all of our customers have the best possible running experience”, said the Running Room product test team.

Rocktape is designed to help with endurance and recovery by promoting better blood flow, lymph drainage and lactic acid removal, and reducing muscle vibration. “Running is a tough sport that can really take its toll on knees, shins and ankles,” said Damu Cherry, a U.S. Olympic hurdler who placed 4th in Beijing and 2nd in the 2010 US Track & Field Championships. “With their passion for running and their commitment to customer satisfaction, Rocktape is a perfect partner for Running Room.”

About Running Room

Running Room Canada is North America’s largest specialty running and walking retailer of running-specific apparel, footwear and accessories operating 93 stores in Canada and 8 in the USA. Running Room Canada provides running and walking training programs at their retail locations from expert trainers for aspiring walkers and runners. The company carries all major brands of running and walking products, including its own apparel line. Running Room Fit-Wear® and Walking Room Fit-Wear® are 100% designed and tested in Canada to perform under the extreme weather conditions faced by Canadians walking or running outdoors year-round.