Olympic hopefuls can now wear 2012 tape to promote their journey

RockTape announced Stars and Bars, the newest addition to the companyʼs growing product line. Designed specifically for athletes who have the London 2012 games on their bucket list, Stars and Bars is the only kinesiology tape on the market that captures the spirit of the Olympics.

Designed using RockTapeʼs exclusive Active Recovery (AR) technology, Stars and Bars provides immediate relief to sore muscles and sports injuries. Athletes can also utilize RockTapeʼs PowerTaping method to increase performance by reducing fatigue. “RockTape has without a doubt aided my latest win at the World Cup,” said Sarah Kent, Australian track cyclist and World Champion.

Concurrently, RockTape has also announced that any US, UK or Australian athlete who has earned a National Championship title may receive a free roll of Stars and Bars (visit the company’s website at http://www.rocktape.com/stars-and-bars/ for details.)

“As a 2008 US Track and Field Olympian in preparation for the 2012 Olympic games, it can be difficult to stay focused on the goal of making the team! RockTape’s new 2012

tape is a constant reminder of my goals and dreams. Stars and Bars ROCK!” said Damu Cherry, Olympic hurdler.

“As the newest member of Team RockTape, I’m really impressed with what RockTape is doing for its athletes. These guys are really supportive and easy to work with and I’m looking forward to getting my Stars and Bars on too!” added David Payne, silver medallist in the 2008 Olympics.

RockTapeʼs Stars and Bars is available immediately at over 1000 medical clinics including HealthSource, Therapeutic Associates and Koala Centers, and select retailers

photo courtesy of Erik van Leeuwen, Creative Commons license

such as Sports Basement, Road Runner and Running Room. Stars and Bars retails for $20.12. Professional discounts are available.


ROCKTAPE is an international company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, RockTape serves the needs of over 6,000 medical professionals. RockTape, PowerTaping and RockSauce are used by leading competitive athletes to enhance sports performance and by medical professionals to treat common sports injuries. Contact admin@rocktape.com for more info.