(May 3, 2011 – Los Gatos, CA) RockTape today announced a strategic supply agreement with the Rabobank Professional Cycling Team to become the Official Kinesiology Tape Supplier for 2011.

RockTape activates the nervous and circulatory systems and is used by cyclists to improve endurance and assist recovery, and to shorten rehabilitation times after an injury. “We are delighted to have formed a partnership with RockTape,” said Harold Knebe, General Manager for the Rabobank Cycling Team. “RockTape is an innovative and quality product which fits perfectly with Rabobank’s image as a market leader in the cycling and financial world.”

“Our medical team and athletes have successfully trialed RockTape and found the adhesive qualities able to withstand the extreme conditions our cyclists compete in,” said Dion van Bommel, Team Doctor for the Rabobank Cycling Team. “We believe RockTape will play a significant role in our ability to keep our cyclists performing at the highest level throughout the demanding season.”

“Rabobank are one of the most well known UCI Pro Tour teams in the peloton and will compete in their 28th consecutive Tour de France in 2011,” commented Greg van den Dries, CEO of Rocktape. “The Tour de France is one of the toughest endurance events in the world and we are honored that Rabobank have chosen RockTape to assist them in the Tour de France and throughout their 2011 season.”

RockTape also announced that on July 1 Rabobank tape will be available for sale through the RockTape web site and the company’s extensive distribution channel, which includes over 6000 medical professionals and over 300 specialty retailers. Professional discounts are available.

ROCKTAPE is an international company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, RockTape serves the needs of over 6,000 medical professionals worldwide. RockTape, PowerTaping and RockSauce are used by leading competitive athletes to enhance sports performance and by medical professionals to treat common sports injuries. Contact admin@rocktape.com for more info.