(Jan, 2012 – Los Gatos, CA) RockTape and Team Exergy TWENTY12 today announced that the companies have once again renewed their partnership. The agreement ensures that Exergy will be racing in custom designed TWENTY12 tape for the upcoming season, which include the 2012 Olympics. The partnership will make Rocktape the Official Kinesiology Tape Supplier of the Exergy TWENTY12 Team.

Designed using RockTape’s exclusive Active Recovery (AR) technology, Rocktape provides immediate relief to sore muscles, decreases recovery times and helps treat and prevent sports injuries. Additionally, pHast Legs, the company’s new alkalizing supplement, will also be utilized by the team.

“We’re excited to have RockTape back for the 2012 season,” said Nicola Cranmer, General Manager of Exergy TWENTY12. “RockTape and the team go way back and it’s nice to have an old friend watching your back, or in Rocktape’s case, holding our backs! And we’re equally psyched that Rocktape has developed a tape in our team colors.”

The Team will also utilize pHast Legs, RockTape’s newest supplement, to help decrease recovery times and increase performance. pHast Legs is a USADA/WADA compliant alkalizing supplement designed to lower the accumulation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen ions, which can lead to soreness and muscle burn. pHast Legs also lowers oxygen consumption while decreasing recovery times.

“The Exergy TWENTY12 Team is simply the best women’s pro cycling team in the world,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of Rocktape. “Adding the Exergy TWENTY12 team to our existing relationship with Garmin-Barracuda and Rabobank helps us round out our commitment to professional cycling.”