Rocktape, used to treat and prevent injuries sustained on the racetrack by Turner Motorsports drivers and pit crew, has formalized a partnership to support these athletes while they compete on the racetrack.

August 20 2012,– Los Gatos, CA, Rocktape,the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape will be used by Turner Sports Drivers and pit crew to help prevent injuries, promote recovery and provide muscle support. Worn by athletes all over the world, Rocktape will help Turner Motor Sports drivers and pit crew team keep up with the intense physical demands of being on the racetrack.

Rocktape ( is a hi-tech athletic kinesiology tape that can be used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries or increase performance. When applied to an area of the body, Rocktape improves circulation. This increase in circulation helps reduce fatigue or can help accelerate the healing process. Rocktape can also be used to help prevent injuries by providing extra stability to a joint without reducing range of movement. With Rocktape, athletes are able to perform stronger, longer.

Pit crew team members are trained to respond quickly in the most extreme circumstances. In order to increase and maintain their stamina, Turner Motor Sports pit crew team members are now encouraged to CrossFit®, a circuit method of rigorous exercise designed to build strength and endurance.

“Our crew will be in great physical condition this year, but muscle strain and injury can happen no matter how fit you are and it’s important for the pit crew and drivers to recover faster,” said Ted Bullard of Turner Motor Sports. “Rocktape is simply amazing the way that it works — gets them back on the race track quickly, healed faster.”

Greg van den Dries, CEO of Rocktape agrees. “We are excited to partner with Turner Motorsports and support their crew with Rocktape. Injuries that heal faster not only improve physical performance but can boost confidence.”

Rocktape will supply the Turner Motorsports pit crew with Rocktape, Rock Sauce®, a powerful discomfort* relieving lotion, and pHast Legs a product that reduces muscle soreness and decreases recovery time. Combined or used separately, any athlete or sports enthusiast can benefit from the increased stamina, discomfort* relief and endurance that these products provide.

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