Dr. Perone is an athlete, a practicing sports clinician, and a teacher residing in St. Petersburg, FL. Dr. Perone’s practice, Love Health, takes a functional approach to the human body.

Love Health has two major components: Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine. Her Sports Medicine approach has been hand crafted over her 10 + years of experience and focuses on a customized and boutique-style approach to care. Dr. Perone spends an hour with each patient and evaluates the root cause of the pain and injury. From this, she then uses a deep, hands-on fascial therapy approach to work along the entire kinetic chain. Then she provides customized corrective exercises over an easy-to-use digital platform the patient can perform at home. The functional medicine component explores the biochemical root to support patient goals for weight-loss, hormone balance, or performance optimization.

Dr. Perone received her B.A. in English Literature and Psychology from Western State University of Colorado and her B.S.in Human Anatomy and Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Perone has experienced a rapidly-progressing, and exciting career as a sports medicine clinician.

In 2010, she was selected to be a part of a Sports Medicine team for the Colombian Olympic Committee in Bogota, Colombia where she worked with athletes ranging from gymnasts to marathoners to track & field athletes and tennis players. Dr. Perone then served on the Sports Medicine team for the NASL National Champion soccer team, the San Antonio Scorpions FC, in 2014 & 2015. She was also selected to serve on the Athlete Services team for multiple CrossFit Games Regionals events and the CrossFit Games from 2013 -2016.

Also, Dr. Perone worked with Airrosti Rehab Centers from 2012-2017. Here, she continued to hone her clinical and operational skills when served as a Clinical Provider and member of the Airrosti Rehab Centers Clinical Development team, training and on-boarding hundreds of new Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and rehabilitation specialists.

Since this experience, Dr. Perone has expanded her teaching platform to travel around the country teaching for RockTape and PESI Education and currently serves in her clinic locations from North Tampa to South Sarasota. Dr. Perone also had a special focus on rehabilitation patients from regenerative medicine procedures and works with EXOS Sports Medicine at Regenexx Tampa Bay and Tampa, FL.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Perone is a runner, CrossFt athlete, a strong believer in the power of gratitude and mindfulness, and an avid traveler with her family.