Lori Frederic, aka The Movement Ninja, focuses on protecting physical workers from injury and pain through movement mechanics and badassery.  Lori aims to raise the importance of posture and movement work in high hazard, blue collar industries. Her company Balance Biomechanics based in Littleton, CO provides early symptom intervention and safety training in material handling and ergonomics with the goal to improve the well-being of workers in any manual labor environment.  She loves speaking on a regional and national level to inspire the “old and stubborn” along with the “young and bulletproof” in high hazard industries.

Lori has a B.S. in Exercise Science and is a Sports Massage Therapist with a passion for continual learning to maintain her expertise in manual therapies, and human movement. A past gymnast and collegiate diver, Lori works hard to convince her teenage children, who are athletes, that she knows a thing or two about injury prevention and building a resilient body. This persistence helps professionally while introducing blue collar workers to wonderful tools like kinesiology tape and manual therapies.