Why I use Rocktape in my practice

As an RMT in Ontario, in my practice, we are trained and licensed to assess and treat muscle and joint dysfunction and imbalances and pain. In my practice my clients come to me with many different ailments and conditions, they range in age from youth to senior but one thing that connects them all is that they live active lifestyles.  

I am always looking for new tools to assist me in my practice and essentially ones that help to get my clients back in their game of life. I added RockTape to my practice over 8 years ago and what started out as just some colorful tape in my client’s eyes, quickly became a product they loved and trusted and so did I.

During my treatments with my clients, I’m often faced with a variety of issues, some clients come in with chronic conditions that they are trying to get relief from and other times I’m faced with acute injuries. I could be working to help improve circulation decrease tension and decrease their pain and overall improved their function and movement. After treatments with me, my clients are provided with some sort of home care. Although most of them are good with it I cannot guarantee what a client does when they leave my treatment room and that is where RockTape has come into play.  

I can almost guarantee that after a treatment with any of my clients, whether I have work to decrease their tension and pain, improve their circulation or reduce swelling of an acute injury or functionally worked with them to correct postural dysfunctions, when I apply RockTape to them I can be assured the effects of my treatment will continue for them, days after their session.

What does it do?

See because RockTape isn’t just some colorful tape applied to Olympians, it allows for the client to move and be free and it’s microscopic lifting ability to the skin surface improves flow around the application site and more importantly for my clients it reduces inflammation, swelling, improves circulation and produces that interruption in our pain perception so that the client doesn’t feel the level of pain they felt when they came in.

RockTape isn’t just a tool in my practice it is a staple in my treatments it gives me the confidence to know that when my client leave with a RockTape application the work that I’ve done will continue for them for 5 to 7 days and that they received the best possible product applied to them.

What is Rocktape

I love that RockTape as a company and a product has evolved and continues to evolve and grow over the years that I’ve used it. They have gone from having one option of tape which was still superior to other brands to have different options depending on your clients.  

There is the original RockTape designed for a wide spectrum of clientele and I believe is a great place to start to RocktapeRX that is specifically for the clients with sensitive skin, our youth, senior clients and some pregnant clients, and there’s RockTapeH2O, great for your elite athletes, those who train a lot or tend to sweat more.

There are also different sizes 1”, 2” or 4”. You can be guaranteed the opportunity to customize your application to any of your clients that walk in your door when you use RockTape. I recommend the use of RockTape to all of my colleagues and anyone that’s working in the field of manual therapy or with clients that move. Why would you not want a tool in your toolbox that can assist your client’s recovery, improve their ability to function and move and get them back living their life better and more balanced?

Wendy Hinton, RMT and RockTape Ambassador 

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