When it comes to applying kinesiology tape, we’ve always said to tape movement; not muscles. This philosophy applies to every patient and/or athlete ever to adorn themselves in that colorful sticky goodness — regardless of your fitness level, you have the potential to benefit from a good taping just as much as the next person.

Pregnancy taping for baby bump support!Fortunately, taping for pregnancy is no exception. Indeed, we are no strangers to helping you mothers-to-be out there — we’ve written and/or posted about it extensively and even have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things baby bump. If you have a bun in the oven and feeling uncomfortable or just want a little relief, RockTape can help!

As Dr. Sally Moores, DPT, OCS of Artemis Physical Therapy can attest, RockTape can help a mama-to-be feel better in many ways. Read on for a case study regarding one of her patients who presented with multi-site pain at 24 weeks.

How was the patient feeling initially when she saw you?

Dr. Moores: This patient was 24 weeks into her third pregnancy and presented with left-sided low-back pain and pubic symphysis pain.

What type of taping application did you use?

Dr. Moores: I taped from hip bone to the opposite rib cage. To apply, I have mom perform a long exhale; as they do that, they try to pull baby in and up. Paper off tension. I do both sides to make an X. Then a “smiley” face going from midline just above the pubic line (pubic crest) — then pull ends up and back along the obliques on each side. I do this X instead of the traditional H because I have found (from feedback from the mamas) it helps the expanding belly more.

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Sweet baby G is giving her mama some grief already. Her mama is smart though and knows she does not just 'have to live with it until the baby's out'. . One treatment a few weeks ago for back pain was all that was needed…well that and some consistency with self-care activities on her Mama's part…to take care of some persistent low back pain. . Part of that treatment consisted of a simple @rocktape application to help wake up the abdominals so they can help with 'core stability'. This is so much more comfortable than wearing a brace or binder. . Tag a mama who you know will benefit👇👇👇. . Also, check out the sweet branded tap of @themovementmaestro ♥️

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What feedback did the patient give regarding her tape application?

Dr. Moores: She felt like she could contract her abs more. [The tape] decreased her back pain and made her feel more “stable.” She also said she could breathe better.

Are there any contraindications to taping while pregnant?

Dr. Moores: No contraindications unless there’s a known reaction to the tape. The sensitivity of the skin can change when pregnant, so I always apply a 24-hour test strip on the belly (a 1-inch strip) before I apply.

How early can taping help with pregnancy pains?

Dr. Moores: It doesn’t matter how far along you are!

The above approach is just one of many – as always, you need to find out which application works best for you and/or your clients’ needs. You don’t have to be in pain to reap the benefits that tape has to offer! From low back pain to stomach cramps to trouble supporting a heavy belly, there’s a taping application for every body.

Still want more? Check out this pregnancy taping overview, the RockTape YouTube tutorial channel or find a practitioner near you!