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What is ONE core concept for the FMT Movement Specialist course?

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How was movement categorized in DAY 1?

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What is an example of “movement shaming”?

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Which is the following describes the ability to assume the necessary shape(s) of the body to fulfill the motor plan in the most efficient & effective manner in any environment?

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“Getting it done” is another way of describing what component of movement fluency?

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Having complete confidence in a pattern is an example of what variable in the movement fluency definition?

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If you are “uncertain” about your shape, you will lack which component of movement fluency?

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If you are confident in your movement you will have:

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An example of an “autonomic heisman” is:

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Which is an example of inefficient movement patterns?

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Which is an example of an effective movement pattern concept?

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What is not considered a “tactic” in this course?

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What is considered a “strategy” in this course?

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Which is not one of the 3 planes of movement?

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What are the three subsystems that are considered when addressing movement fluency?

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What is kinesiophobia?

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