Iain is a Physical Therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is a self proclaimed hater of the cold, so much so that his body developed a literal allergy, which begs the question, why does he live in a place that’s cold for 6 months of the year? The answer? Winnipeg isn’t a place, it’s a people. He graduated in 2009, receiving a Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) from the University of Manitoba, where he would go on to practice as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer for 8 years. As a diligent study, Iain’s penchant for movement and personal struggles with injury led him back to school to complete a Masters in Physical Therapy, again from the University of Manitoba, in 2013.

Iain currently works with a budding multi-disciplinary team of trainers and therapists out of Norak Crossfit in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, where he enjoys working with local athletes of all levels, people of all walks of life, and prefers people see him as more of a coach than a therapist. His methods focus heavily on assessment, education, movement and exercise. He believes that the mystery always lies in the history, an educated patient is an empowered patient, and everyone is an athlete in their own right. He approaches his assessment and treatment with a combination of a variety of educational and theoretical perspectives, including those of Neurokinetic Therapy, Integrated Kinetic Neurology, Z-Health, numerous Shante and Perry-ism’s, and the entire RockTape FMT platform. His sole purpose is to change the face of Physical Therapy in his city, by creating an atmosphere conducive to inter-professional collaboration, patient education and empowerment.

In his time outside of the clinic, Iain enjoys working with premier soccer teams, local businesses, public speaking, and running educational, movement-based weekend seminars. Iain is always striving to continue to educate himself, often in interesting, novel ways. Be it from courses, books, people around him, fellow practitioners, patients, his dog, wife or newborn child, he believes that the more he knows, the better he can help. Coming from a background in sport and a history of injury, Iain feels that he can share in his patients’ experiences as he, to this day, often finds himself fighting similar battles. He feels this gives him great insight and fosters mutual inspiration to improve. Iain is a former Nintendo and Super Nintendo enthusiast, who welcomes anyone to challenge him in NHL ’96. When not working, he stays active on long nature walks with his wife, child and dog, Crossfit classes, and a daily, home-based movement routine. Though it hasn’t happened in a few years, Iain hopes to return to the soccer pitch to continue to chase a lifelong dream of a diving header goal.