Dr. Castro is a sports chiropractor whose passion is to help athletes regain and to pursue their athletic goals. Castro attended Life University for all three of his degrees, bachelors in biology, a masters in injury management, and his doctorate in chiropractic. Castro has also participated in a few volunteer trips in various countries helping bring healthcare to underserved areas and he still sits on the board of Spinal Missions, a non-profit that sends chiropractors to these underserved areas.

Now, Dr. Castro owns and operates Movement Lab NY, a collective of the best professionals in their respective physical medicine fields. Working along side physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists, the Movement Lab looks to offer the best treatments and progressive training to all athletes.

Castro has been an avid barbell athlete for almost two decades and merges that love of powerlifting with his clinic. When he isn’t treating clients, or lifting heavy weights, he can be found with his wife, Kimberely and their dog, Bear. Interesting closing note, Castro is an ordained minister and has married a few couples; his wife is still in disbelief.