RockTape for Work & Play

In 2020 I started my new journey into massage therapy and from the beginning of my schooling, one of my main goals was to take as much additional education and training as I could by the time I graduated to stand out from my classmates.  At the time, taking quality continuing education courses in the middle of a pandemic was easier said than done.  However, insert RockTape education courses, concepts over techniques, for the win!

For Work

An appointment rarely goes by where I do not incorporate a concept I learned from a RockTape course into someone’s treatment.  It started with taking the RockPods and RockFloss courses one weekend, which led to taking RockBlades and then the Movement Specialist courses.  Next, the course that started it all, the FMT Basic and Advanced to most recently taking the first Vibration Specialist course offered in Canada.  For me, what sets RockTape courses apart from other continuing education is that a concept, not a technique is taught and is the focus of each course.  Where I have taken other courses and learned a technique; learning a concept leaves me with endless technique possibilities and allows me to adapt treatment based on the unique needs of my clients.  I only recently completed my schooling earlier this year, but the additional education I gained from RockTape has helped me have many successes with clients, some of who already had seen multiple healthcare professionals prior to me with minimal results.  In case you’re wondering the RockBlades, specifically, the mohawk is what I find myself using the most, however after taking the Vibration Specialist course I feel the RockWave and RockVibes will be getting a fair bit of use.

For Play

Every time I have taken a course, at some point, the instructor will mention “you probably have a client in your head you’re thinking about” when going over a certain topic.  While true, I usually have a client in mind, however, that client tends to be me.  Who better to trial the concepts I learn with RockTape than myself?  Even better this past year I ran two marathons (after a three-year break); so I figure I would make for a prime candidate.  Why was there a three-year break?  I kept getting right hip pain with long runs which I could not figure out and any treatment seemed to offer only short-term relief or a band-aid fix.  That was until I sought treatment from a physiotherapist well-versed in RockTape.  Iain (@thepegphysio) determined over the years I had developed a lazy Psoas (deep hip flexor) that would decide to take a break at some point during my long runs.  A treatment plan focused around waking up my psoas (or upregulation as discussed in the RockBlades course) while regular use of RockTape on my long runs and on race day led to having my hip feel like it did 7 years ago when I was regularly running personal best marathon times.  On top of that, my body handled the grueling training that comes with a marathon as well as the marathons themselves better than when I was running them in my 20s.  Thank you RockFloss, RockPods, and RockBlades!

Whether it be in my work as a Massage Therapist or my play time training for a marathon, RockTape always helps me go stronger, longer.

Tyler Chliboyko, Massage Therapist and RockTape Ambassador