The Best Coach Gift Guide Ever

This is a list of the best gifts for coaches on the internet, written by our favorite Functional Movement Training (FMT) coach (and bulked up by my swim coach), for all coaches! From gifts that say “Thank you,” and “I’m grateful for your all your hard work” to “Marry me,” show special coach in your life just how much you appreciate them with any (or all) of these thoughtful gifts.


A Small Gift That Goes a Long Way:  RockBalls

RockBalls Myofascial Release tools

RockBalls: One big and spikey, one small and precise.


RockBalls are small, self massage tools; a perfect gift for coach that doesn’t break the bank.  At under $25, it tells coach that you care about keeping him fit, healthy, and on the field, doing what he does best.  More than a single lacrosse ball, RockBalls are perfect for self care, and loosening up tight, painful areas from all that time spent on the sideline.  RockBalls also make a great stocking stuffer, and is a practical gift that is sure to get a lot of use throughout the year.

Check them out.




Is your coach always standing or sitting in the sun? Sportbrella.

Versa Brella XL

At $30, the Versa Brella XL is one of my most convenient accessories. I keep mine in the car for all practice, games, the beach, festivals… Compared to most other people, I spend so much time in the sun that I should be reapplying sunscreen more often than players do, but I tend to have other things on my mind…

This Brella is big enough to cover me in my chair and provides 50+ SPF. I store it in my trunk (which has proven to be extremely convenient), it’s lightweight, swivels, attaches to golf bags, bleachers, chairs, strollers. and folds easily.

Check it out.


Want to up the ante on a massage ball? The TriggerPoint MB Vibe is a big step up.

The TriggerPoint MB Vibe Massage Ball

Really want to wow coach with a special gift and really like the massage ball idea? Then the MB Vibe form Trigger Point will fit the bill perfectly.  At under $100, the MB Vibe is a portable, rechargeable vibrating massage ball that has 3 speeds of powerful vibration to help reduce pain, and facilitate recovery.  It uses the same concept as the Grid Ball, but with a silicone wrapping, and a powerful internal motor, the MB Vibe is a big step up in both pain relief and mobility work.  Maybe that special coach in your life is a relative, or just someone really special that you want to show just how much you appreciate all the hard work and effort.  The MB Vibe is a great gift idea!  Check it out.


A Classic Sports Medicine Stocking Stuffer: RockTape Kinesiology Tape


RockTape Edge

Kinesiology tape is so versatile, it’s always in my bag. Whether your coach is a fitness enthusiast with Runner’s Knee, suffering from blisters or plantar fasciitis from standing all day, RockTape has an application for it, which is why you see pro athletes wearing it during training, or competing at tournaments. RockTape was designed with athletes in mind, which is why it’s so predominant in the Sports Medicine community. RockTape Edge is the stickiest version of RockTape (ideal for sweaty or high friction body parts) and every roll comes with RockSauce Fire a powerfully hot and cold topical analgesic (similar to IcyHot / TigerBalm), made with capsaicin and menthol and designed to work with the tape. Get a roll for $26.

Browse RockTape here.


40 oz Hydro Flask

The Biggest, Baddest Hydro Flask


Who’s got time to refill every hour? Not this guy. I use two types of water bottles exclusively: 1) The biggest handheld option I can find, and 2) one I can fit in my center console. The hydroflask is an investment or a water bottle, but– not only can you can personalize it with your team spirit — it’s really one of the things I use more than my car or my bed, so… I might have a few lying around my house, car, gym bag and backpack, for hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, and hot ones stay hot for 12.


The 44 oz. option is $55. Here’s a link to mine.



A gift for the busy coach who is also a fitness buff: SKLZ Slidez or exercise bands.

SKLZ Slidez

SKLZ Mini Bands

Coaches are busy people.  Most of the time, being a coach means traveling with your team, and spending lots of time away from home.  As such, coaches can easily fall victim to not prioritizing their own health and fitness, for the betterment of the athletes they coach.  So for that coach who is always on the go, and sometimes doesn’t have time to get to the gym, these SKLZ options are perfect accessories to turn any hotel room into a functional fitness gym and gives us the ability to grab a quick workout, wherever the team may take us.

Check them out.

And something for the coach who has to supply their own performance training gear… SKLZ is an overall top-choice.

SKLZ Acceleration Trainer


For acceleration trainers to agility cones, SKLZ makes a variety of everything a team could use for conditioning and performance training on the court or on the field. Most of the products are geared toward soccer, football, basketball, baseball/softball, lacrosse, hockey, cross country or track and field — it pretty much covers land-based sports. Depending on your budget and what your team could use, SKLZ has a lot of options to choose from.


Browse all SKLZ products here.





Sometimes “Coach” can mean many things…
For that special coach in your life who is a healthcare provider, how about the gift of education?



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This is, for that Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist, why not the gift of furthering their knowledge with a course from RockTape FMT?! All health providers are required to do Continued Education on a yearly basis to maintain their license…  RockTape has specialized in educating over 50,000 Healthcare providers worldwide, and is an industry leader in quality education!  With a host of different courses to choose from, taught all over the country by industry leading experts, there is sure to be a time and location that will work for that special coach.  This gift is practical, as these courses meet the education requirements for licensing, and can help further your coaches skillset, experience, and ultimately their career!  Courses range from 1 to 2 days, and vary slightly in price…But expect to pay around $250 per day, which by education standards, is an absolute bargain…similar quality coursework can go for thousands just for a weekend!  May sound like a lot, but remember…education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

For more information about industry leading education from RockTape, head over to