Foot pain, an issue that crops up!

At some point in most people’s lives, Foot pain will be an issue that crops up. Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly what caused it, but other times it seems to just appear out of nowhere. There are as many treatments for pain in the bottom of the foot as there are causes, and getting an assessment to help figure out which steps you need to take is definitely worthwhile (yes, pun intended).

Kinesiology Taping application that can help with Foot pain.

I want to share a quick and easy RockTape application that can be done at home to help reduce some symptoms. This application is great for those times when you need some immediate TLC but works best when used along with exercise and other treatment to help speed up the return to function.

To apply the tape, sit with your ankle crossed over your knee, and the bottom of your foot comfortably stretched. Apply a piece of tape with little to no tension from the ball of your foot to your heel. You can continue around the heel and go up the back of your Achilles tendon if desired. At this point, you can stop, or you can add a second piece of tape across the arch of your foot, forming an X pattern. Again, use little to no tension when applying the second piece of tape. For extra pain mitigation, you can apply RockSauce Fire on top of the tape. Pain in the feet can be a real issue, and hopefully, this will help you on your way to moving and feeling better.

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By Julia Mitchell, Physiotherapist, Rocktape instructor, and Rocktape Ambassador

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