Kinesiology tape, or “Rocktape,” is a popular tool among runners for reducing inflammation, managing pain, and helping to prevent injury. This type of tape is different than traditional athletic tapes because it stretches, in order to create a second layer of skin. This helps to create a supportive wrap around the area of the body being treated, which can have a number of positive benefits for runners.

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape
There are a number of benefits to using Rocktape, as opposed to traditional athletic tape. The most significant of these is the novel stimulus that it provides to the area that is being taped. By applying kinesiology tape over the skin, it creates what we like to call a ‘Proprioceptive Hug‘ that helps reduce the risk of injury and improves performance. What that means is the tape via its elastic qualities stimulates mechanical receptors in the skin and underlying connective tissue that ‘talks to the brain’, informing the ‘CPU drive, what we call the central nervous system, where the body part is in space. By improving the resolution of our body map we can unlock more potential to perform at our best.

Talking to the Brain – The “Proprioceptive Hug’

How to Use Rocktape
When it comes to applying kinesiology tape, you want to make sure you’re applying it properly. Follow all instructions accompanying each roll of tape and reference official video content from sites like the RockTape Youtube Channel – Click Here

The safety profile of kinesiology tape is very good, but it’s always important that you approach anything applied to your body with caution. The vast majority of users have no negative side effects but if you have concern about applying tape to your skin, consult a medical professional, preferably one that has been certified in kinesiology taping. Provider List – Click Here. Remember – If at any time you experience any itchiness or redness around the edges of the tape, remove it immediately.

Final Thoughts
Kinesiology tape can be a great addition to the runner’s toolkit in order to reduce the risk of injury, pain, and inflammation. It’s important to take the time to apply the tape properly, in order to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. Make sure to read all of the directions on the packaging and practice applying the tape until you’re comfortable with the process. If done properly, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this versatile tool.

Now go out there and have some FUN!