Kinesiology taping for bunion toe, specifically Hallux Valgus, is a therapeutic treatment that is showing some scientific support. Hallux Valgus is a condition in which the big toe bends outward, away from the foot. It typically appears as a painful bump on the inner side of the foot, just above the big toe. Oftentimes, the condition can result in discomfort and difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time.

Kinesiology taping is a form of treatment that uses an elasticized tape to gently re-align a certain area of the body and reduce pain. Each strip of tape has unique properties, creating a supportive layer that helps reduce the bowing of the toe. The elasticity of the tape provides a gentle and supportive tension, allowing the muscles and tissue to rest yet still be able to move.

Hallux Valgus Taping

Moreover, kinesiology tape can be used to properly align the joint and muscles, reducing inflammation and improving circulation to the area. The tape helps improve range of motion and reduces pain associated with Hallux Valgus by decreasing pressure on the area and allowing for more natural muscle function and support.

In a recent study published in 2021 by Tobiasz Żłobiński and colleagues, kinesiology taping was found to be an effective method of conservative treatment for patients (40 subjects) who were not qualified for surgery. When taping was applied, the Hallux Valgus angle decreased statistically significantly compared with pre-taping (p < 0.01). In addition, the change in the hallux position due to the taping produced significant changes in the perception of pain (p < 0.001).

Kinesiology taping for Hallux Valgus is a safe, low-cost treatment option that allows the individual to perform everyday activities with less pain and discomfort associated with the condition. The supportive nature of the tape helps with maintaining better posture and alignment of the big toe, which can improve well-being and overall quality of life in those affected.


Reference: Żłobiński, T., Stolecka-Warzecha, A., Hartman-Petrycka, M., & Błońska-Fajfrowska, B. (2021). The Influence of Short-Term Kinesiology Taping on Foot Anthropometry and Pain in Patients Suffering from Hallux Valgus. Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania), 57(4), 313.

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